ISBN 978-9962-715-23-8

Somewhere, a River

Autor:Curti, Marta Georgina
Editorial:Piggy Press
Materia:Aves (Pájaros)
Público objetivo:Infantil / Juvenil
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:40
Encuadernación:Tapa dura o cartoné


The White-bellied Heron, one of the most endangered birds in all the world, lives in riverine and wetland habitats in Bhutan, Northeast India, Myanmar and China. This bird is very sensitive to changes in its habitat, and any strange noises or activity will cause it to fly away and search for a more peaceful stretch of river.
No one knows for sure how many White-bellied Herons remain, perhaps only between 50 and 250 birds are left in the entire world.
Though many people are working to save this species, you can help by learning more about the White-bellied Heron and sharing what you learn with family and friends.
Join Tashi as she discovers this beautiful bird and its marvelous gift of flight, and find out how she decides to help the White-bellied Heron survive.


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