ISBN 978-9962-17-138-6

Do you Struggle with Sleep?
Practical Tips on How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

Autor:Cohen, Leia
Editorial:Cohen, Elaine Robin
Materia:Promoción de la salud
Clasificación:Mente, cuerpo y espíritu: meditación y visualización
Público objetivo:Infantil / Juvenil
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:45
Encuadernación:Libro en otro formato


In today's modern world there are so many reasons why someone cannot get a good nights sleep. Yet it is such an important element to maintaining health and avoiding Illness. In this book, I go into all the different possible reasons why you can't fall asleep and then I offer practical solutions to help you improve your sleep. Everyone is different and so I have made many suggestions that might suit some and might not suit others. I hope that you will find some good ideas here that can help you finally feel rested when you wake up in the mornings.


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