ISBN 978-9962-14-091-7

Be happy

Autor:Richard Zafrani Kadoch
Editorial:Editorial D' Mc Pherson
Materia:Literatura panameña
Clasificación:Autoayuda y desarrollo personal
Público objetivo:Jóvenes adultos
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:84
Encuadernación:Tapa blanda o rústica


Books on the subject of happiness and the promise of how to be happy is a million-dollar business, however, most of them are based on myths that have been perpetuated over time and have never been empirically proven useful. Hence, there are so many people hooked on them without obtaining any results.
Some focus on the author's experience without taking into account that each person has different circumstances. Others use fables that may be motivating, but that mood often fades quickly.
THERE IS NO MISSING of those who abuse positive thinking to create the illusion that everything is under our control without any scientific basis behind it.
This book does not belong to that group. The teachings and techniques contained in these PAGES have been corroborated by scientific studies and have demonstrated their effectiveness in hundreds of participants.


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